Str Phone

by Esther Mouchi - Freelancer


FPIC2SD : Facebook Albums, Pictures and Videos downloader 

This very usefull app, reserved for Facebook users, gives you the ability to download to your mobile and with one click all your albums, photos and videos Facebook. And view them offline.
You can download your videos, photos , albums and even photos you've been tagged . You can view and download all your photos from facebook , view and download all your facebook videos. You can see Taggs left on your albums and photos. Downloaded albums will be included in the gallery of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod under the same name your Facebook albums. Install this app and enjoy your Facebook images !

Don't Forget Me! Alert for never forget your phone 

How many times have you ever let your smartphone to a place where you thought to be safe then you leave without take it with you? This little application will save you a lot of trouble. You turn on when you arrive at work, at home parents, grandparents or in your children home, or even for your little ones. Your phone will ring as if you receive a call. Impossible to forget. You can set it as needed. You can ask him to ring your phone every 5 minutes from 5 minutes to 30 minutes of inactivity. As long as he is moving on you, in your pocket or in your hand, the application detects your movements and will not ring the phone. But if you ask him and do not resume with you, it will ring and remind you as well that you forget an item dear to you like your eyes ! You enable and disable Don't Forget Me!! as needed.
With this small application you will not forget your smartphone anywhere. So Please Don' t Forget Me!!.